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The Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre

TT Domain Name Criteria and the TTNIC Policies

An application for Domain Name registration must meet the following criteria and comply with the following directives:
  1. A Domain Name that is used as a URL shortener must include filters to block shortcuts to inappropriate content. Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate cancellation of the concerned Domain Name.
  2. Applicants or Registrants with web sites that are determined in the sole opinion of the Registry to be risky (i.e., contain browser exploits, phishing, excessive popups, trojans, sypware etc.), will be given 24 hours’ notice to remove the offending code, failing which their Domain Name will be suspended until such remedial action is taken by the Applicant or Registrant. A second violation could lead to the permanent deletion of the Domain Names.
  3. An Applicant shall not apply for a Domain Name that is already registered to a Registrant.
  4. A registered Domain Name is to be used solely by the Registrant. Sub-domains of such a Domain Name are not to be provided to third parties whether for free or for a fee.
  5. Domain Names shall include only letters, numbers, or hyphens ("-") and shall not have more than sixty-three (63) characters. Domain Names cannot begin with a hyphen.
  6. Domain Names should not provide content that is contrary to public policy and the Registry expressly reserves the right to reject Domain Names applications that are deemed to be contrary to public policy or are otherwise objectionable.
  7. The Registry reserves the right to remove or not renew Domain Names that provide content that is contrary to public policy without notice to the Registrant.
  8. Subdomains within are restricted to educational institutions within Trinidad and Tobago.
  9. Applications for subdomains within must be made directly with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited (branded iGovTT).
  10. Applicants and Registrants must comply with the Terms and Conditions, including the provisions relating to the payment of fees.

Privacy Policy

This policy covers how the Registry uses the personal information of a Registrant. The Registry takes privacy considerations seriously and will take all reasonable measures to protect the personal information of an Applicant or Registrant. Any personal information received or maintained by the Registry will be used to process the application and for the operation of the Registry including, but not limited to the internal use of the Registry, communication with the Registrant; provided however, that the Registry will make publicly available, or directly available to third parties, the name of the Registrant and the nameservers in relation to a Domain Name for the purposes of searches or inspection or for any purpose as required or permitted by applicable laws. Except as stated herein, the Registry will not sell or redistribute an Applicant’s or Registrant’s information to anyone.

Refund Policy

The policy of the Registry is not to offer refunds to Registrants or Applicants. This is due to costs, mostly administrative and Registry costs, incurred immediately upon processing the application for registration of the Domain Name. This policy is also to prevent Applicants from "domain tasting" and is a standard policy for ccTLD Registries.