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The Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you explain how the DNS system works?
A: A nicely written Beginner's Guide to Domain Names .

Q: Do you accept credit card payments?
A: Yes we accept credit card and Paypal payments through 2CheckOut. If you have outstanding payments, access your account balance and you will be provided with a link to make a credit card payment. The balance will include outstanding payments for new registrations and renewals of all domains for which you are the billing contact. However, please note that additional charges my be incurred (conversion, transaction and other fees). Since these vary based on the country of origin of the payment and the currency of the source of the payment then we cannot provide an estimate of this additional cost (beyond the invoiced amount).

Q: Can I register a domain name prior to obtaining my nameservers?
A: If you wish to reserve your domain name and do not yet have nameservers then please use "" for the first two hostnames and "" for the first two IP addresses. We would then process your application and will await your new nameserver information before activating your domain.

Q: Can I change the name of the Registrant?
A: Changes in the name of the registrant of a domain are allowed (without charge) only if the name of the company has changed or the company was bought by another company. In all other cases a new application must be submitted.

Q: How can I make a wire transfer to make my payment?
A: Our account information for wire transfers is contained here.

Q: Do you provide web hosting or email addresses with a registration?
A: We are a DNS registry and so we only provide nameserver entries for your domain. If additional services are required then here are local companies that can assist.

Q: How can I add MX , A and other records for my domain?
A: All (except NS) records for your domain must be entered on your nameservers.

Q: Why am I unable to register a domain of the form
A: is a hostname and one should only apply for the domain name (in this case You can always include records for sub-domains (e.g., and hostnames (e.g., on your nameservers.

Q: Do you support Registrars?
A: At this point in time we do not support Registrars but that policy may change in the future. We do however offer special discount programs for our large customers. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Do you support DNSSEC?
A: We have deployed DNSSEC and so can now offer DNSSEC support for our subdomains. Please contact us if you would like us to add a DS record.

Q: What is the difference between second and third level domains
A: Second level domains are of the form and, because they are shorter, are priced more than third level domains such as

Q: Are your prices competitive?
A: Our third level domains cost $16.67US per year for local registrants (TT Addresses) which is comparable to the $14.99US charged by other registries for a .com address. Also, US-based Registries charge $20 US to $90 US per year for its third level North American country code domains while we charge foreign registrants $33US per year for third level domains. We surveyed the cost of second level domains over several Caribbean islands and found that we are quite price competitive on a per year cost. We charge $100US per year for local registrants and $200US per year for foreign registrants. Single letter domains are a very limited resource and hence are priced accordingly (contact us for further details).